Monday, October 3, 2016

Simple Whole-wheat Crepes

Whisk in a bowl or blend in a blender:

2 eggs
1 C milk
⅓ C whole wheat flour
⅓ C all-purpose white flour
1½ T melted butter
a pinch salt

When batter is smooth, very lightly oil a nonstick frying pan, and place it over a medium-low flame. Put a tiny piece of butter in the middle of the pan. When it bubbles, the pan is hot enough to start making your crepes.

Use a ladle to scoop out enough batter to cover the bottom of your pan with a thin layer. Turn your pan to spread the batter around. The thinner, the better.

Cook until they look a little dry, and the edges have started to turn golden brown. Carefully use your spatula to loosen the edges, then flip it. You might need to use your (clean, dry) hands. 

After about 30 seconds, when pretty and golden on the bottom, carefully slide it out onto a plate or platter, then pour in the next batch of batter. Repeat until you're out of batter.

Serve with anything you like:

Cooked apples, cinnamon (basically applesauce)
Greek yogurt with fruit