Thursday, February 12, 2015

Shepherd's Pie

Make mashed potatoes.

While the potatoes are boiling, cook the meat.

Place in a frying pan:

1 T olive oil

When the oil is heated, add:

1 small onion - minced
1 garlic clove - finely minced
2 minced shiitake (or ¼ C other) mushrooms
1 grated carrot

Stir fry a bit, then add:

250 gm ground chicken
(½ chicken bouillon cube or its equivalent - mashed so it dissolves easily)

Cook over a medium flame. Season with:

½ t sage
½ t salt
¼ t pepper

When the meat is thoroughly cooked, turn off the fire and set the pan aside.


Heat in a small pot over medium/low flame:

¾ T olive oil
¾ T butter

When the butter is melted, add and whisk in:

1½ T flour

Be careful to keep whisking so there are no lumps. Continue to whisk until it boils gently and begins to smell cooked (like a pie crust). Then add slowly, continuing to whisk as you add:

¾ C milk

Keep whisking until it thickens, which should be when you first see a couple bubbles start to rise before boiling. Do not let it boil.

Add sauce to meat and stir to mix. To give it a bit more color, add:

1 T minced green onions

Put it together

I prefer to use small, one-serving pyrex type baking dishes. 

Place ¾ C meat in each of 3 dishes. Divide the potatoes and put equal portions on top of the meat. Heat in the microwave until thoroughly heated. Top with:

1T grated cheese

and place under the grill until lightly browned.

Serve with salad or other vegetables.

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