Monday, March 16, 2015

Chicken Potato Salad

This is best to prepare ahead of time so that it will have time to cool before serving.

Remove the fat and skin from: 

2 chicken breasts (about 500gm)

Place in a pan, and add: 

300-600 ml water
1-2 chicken bouillon cubes

Boil on a low flame, covered, for 5 minutes. Turn off fire, and leave until cool. Remove the chicken and save the broth for Tofu Egg Soup, which goes nicely with this meal.

When chicken is cool, shred it and set it aside.

While the chicken is cooking, wash thoroughly (no need to peel) and cut into roughly 1½ cm cubes:

About 1 kg potatoes

Place in a deep, heavy pot, and almost cover completely with water. A few little bits sticking out from the top of the water is not a problem.  


1 t salt

Cover and boil until soft. Test by sticking a fork into one of the bigger pieces. It should go in easily.

Remove from heat and drain in a sieve or colander. Set aside to cool.

Mix in a large bowl:

¼ C mayonnaise
¼ C thick yogurt (like Greek yogurt)
2 T French mustard
2 T German dill pickle juice
½ C finely minced onion*
½ t freshly ground pepper
½ t salt

Then add and mix in any combination of, or all, of the following:

2 thinly sliced dill pickles
1 small thinly sliced cucumber
¼ C sliced black olives
other vegetables of your choice

Add shredded chicken and mix in, then add potatoes and stir until everything is mixed thoroughly. Place in an airtight container in the refrigerator to cool until serving.

*If you prefer your onions soft and slightly cooked, add the chicken and potatoes to the dressing while they are still a bit hot. Their heat will suffice in cooking the minced onions. Add the other vegetables after the salad has cooled.

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