Thursday, July 30, 2015


The 4 stages of making salmon, avocado sushi, our favorite.
Prepare Sushi Rice.

While the rice is cooking, get your toppings ready. Use whatever thinly sliced topping that you like, such as:

Salmon or tuna sashimi, cut against the grain
Steamed shrimp
Yakiniku-style beef
Green onions

When the rice is cooked and you've mixed in the sugar, dashi or salt, and vinegar, then it's time to form your little sushis. They should be pretty small, as the toppings are the stars of this show.  

Once you've formed the rice into oval-shaped balls, spread them with a little wasabi, if you like, and then lay on the toppings.

Serve decoratively (of course) with wasabi and soy sauce. To eat, mix a little wasabi with soy sauce in a small dish, and carefully dip just a bit of the topping into the sauce - not the rice because it will soak up the sauce and mar the flavor.

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