Sunday, January 1, 2017


Someone asked me where I keep my bulk-buy goods in my small Japanese kitchen. There is a shelf under my kitchen/dining room table where, as you can see, I keep containers of whole wheat flour, bread flour, oats, rice, open bags of tortilla chips (and cereal, if we have it), and milk powder. The dish cupboard has pull-out shelves for baking items and spices.  

There are trash cans for the different categories of trash:  burnable, plastic, and cans and bottles. If I have overflow from those small cans, there are large covered cans are in the garage. Beside them are labeled drawers for cooking utensils, baking utensils, towels, cloths, extra spices, etc. In a big closet in another room, I have snap-shut trash cans where I keep the wholesale bags of flour, etc. 

Although this kitchen is much smaller, it is way more convenient.

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  1. You are really quite organized!! Can you come do my kitchen? :)