Friday, September 5, 2014

Chicken Burgers

Mix and roll into 5-6 equal-sized balls:

250 grams minced chicken
½ block of tofu - rinse it and squeeze out some of the liquid, then crumble
¼-½ onion (depending on the size of the onion) - finely minced
1 carrot - finely grated
(about ¼ C minced shiitake mushrooms)
1 egg
¼-¾ C bread crumbs

Heat in a frying pan:

1 T canola oil

When hot, turn flame to medium-low and add 3 flattened burger balls.

Put a little:

Salt and pepper

on the cooking burgers.  When browned on the bottom, flip them, and add a little cheese on top of each. (The cheese is optional.)

When browned on the second side, take them out and put them on a serving plate.

Add 2-3 more flattened burger balls to the pan and cook as I explained already.

Serve with:  Buns, catsup, mustard, salsa, lettuce; thinly sliced dill pickles, tomatoes, avocados, etc.

Chicken burgers hiding under catsup

If you want these for obentos, make them into smaller-sized burgers. (Think about the size of your obento box when you are forming the patties.  You want shapes that will easily fit in.) Store in an airtight container in the fridge for 3 days or so, or freeze individual servings in small freezer bags. Take out the night before for using in an obento the next day.  It's not necessary to heat them up before adding to the obento box in the morning.

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  1. Having these for dinner again tonight. It's become a favourite here, healthy and delicious. thank you! ~Rose